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The Kilted Lantern Podcast started in late September of 2020 as a celebration of popular culture and those with a passion for it. In the void of such celebrations created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the podcast serves as an outlet for the thoughts and enthusiasm of self-professed geeks and nerds. This website is considered a companion to the podcast itself. The blog is a collection of the hosts personal nerd thoughts and musings. It might be funny, it might get a little deep, perhaps even a little philosophical. You are cordially invited to join the fun.

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About the Kilted Lantern Himself

The Kilted Lantern Podcast is hosted by Justin Hunt. He is a minister and box-jockey from Ohio, but more relevant to this blurb, he is a life-long geek/nerd/dork (those terms might not be interchangeable, but they are all applicable). Being proud of his Scottish-American roots, he donned the kilt as part of a Green Lantern cosplay and the Kilted Lantern was born. His interests include history (with a special focus on the medieval era), religion and philosophy, books, comics, movies, and well, frankly too much to list here.In addition to The Kilted Lantern Podcast, he will also be hosting the an upcoming show on Anchor.fm, The Five-fold Cross: A Christian Chivalry Podcast.


Contacting the host of The Kilted Lantern Podcast is best done through the podcast's Facebook page or through Email at kiltedlantern@gmail.com

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